Love in Summerview

One day you may realize love has been standing right in front of you all along.

There's a little something special about small towns. And no town is more special than that of Summerview, Washington. Nestled on a semi-private bay, it's a quiet, sleepy place where nearly everyone knows everyone. Some may come and go, but those who go always come back.

With the town's population being so small and rarely changed, old relationships are often revisited, friends take pleasure in meddling, and dark secrets always find their way to the light. 

In the Love in Summerview series, you'll discover the wide array of characters living in this odd little town and their intertwining relationships. 

Book 1, Soft Love tells the story of soft-hearted and soft-bodied Honey Chambers reuniting with Memphis Bakari, "the Egyptian God" of her high school class. Both with reputations for being unlucky in love, they may just find their luck with one another. 

Book 2, Hard Love tells the story of stripper, mother, former "Ice Queen" of Summerview High Hanna Ali being forced into a cohabitation situation with the biggest player to come out of their small town, Kevin Hale who loved the game so much he chose to play it professionally. Both made up of hard edges, the two may find their hard edges slot together very easily. 

Books 3-5 to be revealed.